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PO Committee Members


Current parents and faculty: Please log in to Bluenet to access contact information for the PO.


Past President Karen Arnone
President* Jody Howe
Vice president* Kim Enns
Treasurer Lynne Bridgman
Communications Patricia Morrison
Mariza Griffith
Parent network Liza Murrell
Priti Kawale
Secretary Jan Harkness
Volunteer coordinator Jill Adolphe


Year 1 representative Tania Martin
Year 2 representative Laurissa Canavan
FY representative Jane Kilburn Boyle
IB1 representative Suneeta Monga
IB2 representatives Carita Sheehy
Lisa Assaf
Community service Annie Kwok
Facilities Lillian Chan
Green School member at large Lori Barnes
Co-chairs Noreen Williams
Christine Alderman
Vice-chair Stella Scalia
Communications chair Shelina Dhanani
Library* Jennifer Barnett
PPO chair Lori Elder
Rings and frames
Chair Scott Enman
 Special events     
 co-chairs Ellen Watt
Kathy Stevens
Assistant chair/E-market Sarah Morgenstern
TUBS (The Used Blues Shop)
Co-chairs  Rebecca Barrett
Simone Odendaal
Verena Dong
Used book chair Lucia Liscio
Constituency Relations Lindsay Tarvit

*appointed positions