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Prep Parents’ Organization (PPO)

Dear UCC Parents,On behalf of the Prep Parents’ Organization (PPO), I would like to begin with a warm welcome to all new and returning Prep families.The Prep Parents’ Organization represents all the parents of boys in the Prep School.  Our role is to support faculty, staff, parents and students.  We meet regularly throughout the school year to organize a wide range of activities and initiatives to help support our strong school community at the Prep, and the whole of UCC.  Please be sure to volunteer your time according to your personal interests and schedule.

This summer when you receive your copy of the Prep Family Handbook you will also receive a copy of the PPO Volunteer Handbook that outlines the ways in which you can get involved. We invite you to complete the response form provided and indicate your areas of interest. We can help you find a way to get involved that builds on your interests, and respects your schedule.

In late August when you receive your son’s class lists, you will also be receiving a letter from your son’s Grade Representative outlining the voluntary donation of $125 per family per grade.  This money goes towards funding class parties for the boys, teacher gifts and parent socials.  We kindly ask that parents have this form completed before school starts – so please be sure to look for that information.

Last but not least , please visit the UCC website at www.ucc.on.ca and parents.ucc.on.ca and regularly check the Prep’s electronic calendar which will provide you with important school dates and ongoing events.  This website is constantly being updated.

I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead. Please be sure to get involved and help us to continue to build a strong school community for our boys at this wonderful school.


Lori Elder

Prep Parents’ Organization Chair 2016-2017

 ….. PPO Exec

PPO Volunteer Handbook

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