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Preparatory School Academics

The Prep is home to 411 students in Senior Kindergarten through Year 7. The Primary Division runs from Senior Kindergarten to Year 5 and the Middle Division encompasses Year 6 and 7. Boys head to the Upper School for the Intermediate Division (Year 8 and 9) and beyond.

UCC is proud to offer one of the broadest International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. While it’s offered to those who select the option at many peer and public schools, UCC is exceptional in that all students undertake the program. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) — Senior Kindergarten to Grade 5 — is the first step. The PYP provides students with curricular links to the Middle Division program and ultimately the IB Diploma Programme, which is undertaken by all in the final two years.

It’s a challenging program, but well worth the enhanced recognition our graduates receive from universities. We understand that moment is a bit of a way off for Prep boys, but it will give them a leg up down the road.

Tom Babits Tom Babits, Primary Division head (SK to Year 5)

Tom has been a form master and taught geography, history, science, guidance, physical and health education. He’s served as an admissions counsellor and the head of guidance and physical and health education. He’s coached track and field, cross-country, rugby, soccer and swimming.