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Technology Clubs

This is a catalog of clubs offered. Please note all clubs listed here are not offered every term. Please see the ASP schedule to identify which clubs are currently being offered this session.

Computer Programming

Hatch Canada helps students discover the magic of building something useful using computer programming. Students can explore programming by building projects in three areas: coding (games and apps), design (animations and visual effects) and sports (tennis, hockey, soccer, etc). They can mix and match or go deep in a single area.

Hatch Canada starts with very simple projects building to an independent, customized project based on what the student wants to build in the last 3 weeks. Whether you have no background in coding or have done a few things on your own or through camps, we’ll start with your current skills and build from there.

FEE: $210

OYMBC Robotics

We spent a lot of energy finding the right robotics kits that are not only fun to use but help kids become familiar with industry tools and components. With the help of our professional teachers, students learn to use screwdrivers, nuts, bolts, screws and more. By using these tools at an early age, kids drastically improve and develop their motor skills. For the optimum experience, each student gets their own robotic kit to use during the program. That means everyone gets to experience the joy of assembling their robot without waiting for partners or shared tools. For more information please visit http://www.oymbc.com

FEE: $210

 Introduction to Computer Programming

Hatch Canada offers a self-paced, self-directed exploration of computer programming. We have a library of over 600 projects and allow students to build their own portfolio, much like an artist or an architect. With every project, students learn core computer programming skills like conditionals, loops, arrays and objects.

A more complete overview can be found here:

Hatch Canada 2015 Presentation

At UCC in winter 2016, we will be tailoring the content to Grades 2 and 3, making it possible for these grades to experience the same magic that the Grades 4 to 7 students experience.

FEE: $210

Advanced Robotics

(Logics Academy) Learn the physics behind how robot sensors gather information from the environment. Create algorithms to make real-time decisions with multiple inputs. A split second decision could mean the difference between winning and losing! Get your game face on and join us in the ultimate match up, robot vs robot!

FEE: $210