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Academic Counselling


Academic advising is a key component of the educational program at UCC. The College provides an extensive range of counselling services, resources and support to assist students in meeting the challenges of the academic program and in reaching their full potential. Courses are taught with a focus on boys’ learning needs by instructors who offer a commitment to individual attention along with expertise in their disciplines. The university counselling office, the office of the academic dean, the Macintosh Library and the Wernham West Centre for Learning, along with a well-developed system of house advising, comprise some of the other key elements of this support network.

Please see our 2017-2018 Academic Program Guide  and 2018-2019 Academic Program Guide for detailed and up-to-date information about the staff, services, policies and practices designed to support students during their years at the Upper School.


For assistance:

Dr. Julia Kinnear
Academic Dean
Extension 3365
email: jkinnear@ucc.on.ca

Katherine Ridout
Director of University Counselling
(Martland’s, and McHugh’s)
Extension 2264
email: kridout@ucc.on.ca

Kathryn Barnes
Executive Director of the Wernham West Centre for Learning
Extension 2211
email: kbarnes@ucc.on.ca

Anne Weldon
Associate Director of University Counselling
(Bremner’s, Howard’s, Jackson’s)
Extension 3210
Email: aweldon@ucc.on.ca

Nili Isaacs
Associate Director of University Counselling
(Mowbray’s, Orr’s, Scadding’s)
Extension 2260
Email: nisaacs@ucc.on.ca

Andrew Turner
Director of Residential Life, Senior Admission Counsellor & University
Counsellor – Boarding
Extension 2500
email: aturner@ucc.on.ca

Jennifer Ferguson
Senior Coordinator of the
Wernham West Centre for Learning
Extension 3000
email: jferguson@ucc.on.ca