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International Baccalaureate

ndary School Diploma as well.The International Baccalaureate (IB) is the principal diploma program at UCC and is undertaken by all students in their final two years at the Upper School. The IB Diploma Programme is structured in such a way as to allow students to complete the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma as well.

The IB is the most widely respected and rigorous secondary school curriculum in the world, offering a balanced liberal arts education with extremely high performance standards that are set and assessed by an international body. Not only does the IB Diploma Programme provide thorough preparation for university, it also allows students to develop a 21st century outlook and outstanding creative and critical thinking skills that encourage lifelong learning. Specifically, the learner outcomes of the IB are focused on developing “internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.”

In the IB Diploma Programme, students are required to select six subjects, one in each of six subject groups (see below for the subject groups and courses offered at UCC). Three of the six subjects must be taken at the Higher Level (HL) and three at the Standard Level (SL).

UCC IB program offerings


In addition to completing six subjects, all IB students must also complete:


Theory of knowledge is an interdisciplinary course at the core of the IB Diploma Programme. It’s designed to stimulate a critical awareness of the bases of knowledge, experience and judgment in human thought and creativity.


Students research, write and submit for external evaluation a 4,000-word essay on a topic of interest from within the IB curriculum, usually taken from one of their Higher Level subjects. Students at UCC complete the EE during their Year 11 year.


Over the two years of the IB Diploma Programme, students must complete a minimum of 150 hours of extra-curricular involvement evenly balanced between creative, athletic and community service activities.

• Creativity programs and activities provide opportunities for personal growth through cultural appreciation and achievement in performance, music, art, current affairs and clubs.

• Action activities offer a blend of team and individual sports as well as recreation activities that promote sportsmanship, cooperation and physical fitness.

• Service programs provide students with a large number of opportunities to participate in individual and team-based service locally, nationally and internationally.

Each of the six IB subjects is graded on a scale of seven (excellent) to one (very poor). The IB Diploma is awarded to students whose total score, including up to three points for combined performance in both the extended essay and theory of knowledge, reaches or exceeds 24 points and doesn’t contain any failing conditions as defined by the International Baccalaureate Organization. Further information is available in the “Awarding the IB Diploma” section of our 2017-2018 Academic Program Guide and 2018-2019 Academic Program Guide.