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PO Committee Members

Current parents and faculty: Please log in to Bluenet to access contact information for the PO.


Past President  Jody Howe
President*  Kim Enns
Co-Vice presidents*  Jill Adolphe & Carita Sheehy
Treasurer Lynne Bridgman
Communications Lisa Assaf
Jane Kilburn Boyle
Parent network Jan Harkness
Mariza Griffith
Secretary Natalie Davidson
Volunteer coordinator Johanne Dotsikas


Year 8 representative Karra Greenwood
Year 9 representative Adeshola Agbaje-Ojo
Year 10 representative Sarah Morgenstern
Year 11 representative Sikin Dharamshi
Year 12 representatives Cynthia Littler
Daiva Stonehouse
Community service Annie Kwok
Facilities Linda Newall-Visser
Green School Robin Richardson
Festive Laurissa Canavan
Library* Jennifer Barnett
PPO chair Olga Tchetvertnykh
Rings and frames
Co-Chairs Scott Enman
Perry Lupyrypa
 Special events     
 co-chairs Ellen Watt
Shuchi Stanger
Assistant chair/E-market Sarah Morgenstern
TUBS (The Used Blues Shop)
Co-chairs  Simone Odendaal
Verena Dong
Used Books
Co-chairs Lucia Liscio
Tamara Bahry
Constituency Relations Lindsay Tarvit

*appointed positions