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Appointed Positions

IMG_3258CaleyTaylor (2)The following positions on the PO executive committee are appointed annually by the PO nominating committee. If you’re interested in one of these roles, begin by volunteering at some of our events using our online response form. Lending your support and dedication for a year or two will give you great candidacy for a position.


The president acts as an ambassador for the parent community through regular meetings with the head of the Upper School, the principal, the Association Council, faculty and staff. The president conducts monthly committee meetings at which members submit and discuss their reports.


The vice-president’s role is to assist the president throughout the year and fill in for the president as needed. The vice-president apprentices with the president and assumes the position of president in the following school year. The vice-president is the interguild representative at meetings and events of other private schools.

Past President

The past president attends all monthly executive and advisory meetings and chairs the PO nominating committee.


The secretary prepares and distributes agendas and minutes for all executive and advisory meetings.


The treasurer is responsible for reporting the assets and liabilities of the PO, prepares monthly financial statements, and coordinates a year-end financial report.

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator creates and maintains a database of all volunteers and passes it on to relevant committee heads. The coordinator also responds to volunteers’ questions regarding events and commitments and attends school functions to strengthen the volunteer base.


The communication chairs help in the coordination of all communication between the PO and the parent body.

Parent Network

The parent network provides parents with a forum to communicate and receive news and information. The parent network establishes a parent communication network within the houses and helps the year reps and house reps coordinate social activities for their year to facilitate networking in a relaxed setting. The parent network also helps in the organization of parent information sessions at the school.