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PO Executive & Advisory Positions

The primary purpose of the PO is to foster a close feeling of community at the College by providing support and assistance. In this connection, the PO will strive to provide communication links between parents and the College, to identify and respond to needs and services within the College and to coordinate activities. The PO is comprised of about 30 parent volunteers who are hardworking, dedicated and passionate. It is a wonderful way to become informed and engaged in this community. Our goal is to celebrate the camaraderie, unity and spirit within the College.

We meet monthly except in December and March.  Executive meetings are twice a month.


President (one-year term)

  • Acts as an Ambassador for the parent community through regular meetings with the Head of Upper School, the Principal, the Association Council, faculty & staff
  • Directs the activities of the PO and conducts monthly committee meetings at which members submit and discuss their reports
  • Represents the PO both within and outside the College
  • *Is automatically President after serving one year as Vice-President

Vice-President (one-year term)

  • Assists the President throughout the year and fills in for the President as needed.
  • Apprentices with the President and assumes the position of the President following the annual AGM in May.
  • Acts as the Interguild representative at meetings and events of other private schools
  • *Automatically becomes President the following year

Past president (one-year term)

  • Assists the President as needed
  • Chairs the PO Nominating Committee and conducts the election of officers at the PO Annual General Meeting
  • Responsible for reviewing and the amending the PO Constitution as needed
  • *Automatically becomes Past President after fulfilling the President’s role

Communications Coordinator (two-year term)

  • Coordinates all communication between the PO, School Administration and parent body
  • Obtains approval for all print and electronic communication vehicles used by PO portfolios

Parent Network Coordinator (two-year term)

  • The primary focus of the PO Parent Network is community building to enhance the spirit of UCC. This initiative is accomplished through grade-wide social parent gatherings and by encouraging parents to participate in school functions and events.
  • Establishes a parent communication network within the Houses
  • Assists the Year reps and House reps to coordinate social activities for their year to facilitate networking.

Secretary (two-year term)

  • Prepares and distributes agendas and minutes for all Executive and Advisory meetings.
  • Receives all committee reports
  • Takes attendance at meetings

Treasurer (two-year term)

  • Reports the assets and liabilities of the PO and has overall responsibility for PO funds
  • Prepares monthly financial statements
  • Prepares a year-end financial report
  • Works closely with all revenue generating PO portfolios

Volunteer Coordinator (two-year term)

  • Creates and maintains a data base of all volunteers and passes it on to relevant committees
  • Responds to volunteers’ question regarding events and commitments
  • Attends school functions to strengthen the volunteer base


Year Representative

  • Each year is represented by one Year Rep except for Year 12, which has two Year Reps
  • Acts as a liaison between the PO, the Parent Network, and the House Reps
  • Meets and communicates regularly with House Reps to organize year wide social events

Community Service Chair

  • Acts as liaison between the Director of Horizons and parent volunteers
  • Coordinates the Boarder care packages for September and December
  • Organizes the PO Boarder Basket Sale at Festive Marketplace

E-Commerce Coordinator

  • Establishing and monitoring the PO/PPO Marketplace website for items such as Rings & Frames, and Grad Wear to be purchased
  • Reviewing other opportunities for sales

Facilities Chair

  • Responsible for booking facilities for PO meetings and other events
  • Organizes the catering requirements for various PO events such as the PO meetings, AGM or parents’ social event, if needed
  • Decorates the school for special events such as Graduation, Prize day and the Holidays

Festive Marketplace Co-Chair

  • Co-Chairs Festive Marketplace with the PPO Festive Co-Chair
  • Establishes and oversees the Festive Committee
  • Conducts monthly Festive committee meetings

Grad Rings and Frames Chair

  • Organizes and oversees the sale of school rings and photo/diploma frames throughout the school year
  • Acts as the PO Liaison to the suppliers of rings and frames

Green School

  • Liaise with Green School Club at the College
  • Liaise with the Sustainability Steward
  • Liaise with the teachers involved
  • Assist with initiatives as needed

Library Chair

  • Oversees the scheduling and training of volunteers in the Upper School Library
  • Acts as the PO liaison to the Upper School library staff
  • Volunteers in the library throughout the school year
  • *appointed by Librarian

Special Events Committee

  • Works with the school and the PPO to bring speakers to the school
  • Directs or helps with events as discussed with the executive
  • Assists with the Fall Used Uniform sale as needed

The Used Blues Shop (TUBS) Chair

  • Coordinates and oversees TUBS
  • Organizes the Fall Used Clothing Sale
  • Schedules volunteers
  • Organizes locker cleanout several times throughout the year
  • Maintains student billings for sales in TUBS
  • Maintains Lost & Found for the boys

Used Book Chair

  • Organizes and oversees the used book intake at the end of the school year
  • Acts as the PO liaison to the Canadian School Book Exchange

Wellness & Nutrition

  • Working from the College’s new strategic plan, develop a wellness arm of the PO
  • Work with the PO’s vice-president and the Nutrition committee on food initiatives for the boys
  • This is a new position and therefore imperative to work closely with the PO co-presidents & Vice-President

Non-Advisory Position

House Representative

  • Each house in each year is represented by one House Rep
  • Acts as the liaison between the Parent body and the Year Rep
  • Assists Year Rep with communications to be sent to Parent Body
  • Assists the year rep with the organization of year-wide social events
  • Volunteers at events such as – but not limited to – Open House, Festive Marketplace and Used Uniform sale
  • House reps are not required to attend Advisory meetings but are more than welcome to.