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PPO Contact Information

Role Name Email
President Connie Carmichael president@uccprepparents.ca
Vice President Sarah D’Souza vicepresident@uccprepparents.ca
Past President Olga Tchetvertnykh pastpresident@uccprepparents.ca
Treasurer Ann Katrusiak treasurer@uccprepparents.ca
Secretary Julia Pantalone secretary@uccprepparents.ca
Volunteer Coordinator Maral Nalbandian volunteercoordinator@uccprepparents.ca
Communications Coordinator Lindsay Black communication@uccprepparents.ca
IT Coordinator Tanuja Vaish it@uccprepparents.ca
UCC Marketplace Andrea Armstrong and Christine Wilson marketplace@uccprepparents.ca
Festive Marketplace Co-Chair Voula Tsianos festivemarketplace@uccprepparents.ca
Prep BBC Coordinator Amy Cheung bbc@uccprepparents.ca
Prep ABC Coordinator Michelle Berman prepabc@uccprepparents.ca
ABC Drama Liaison Erin Carrique prepabc@uccprepparents.ca
ABC 6-7 Band Liaison Chelsea Zhang prepabc@uccprepparents.ca
ABC SK-5 Art Liaison Sue Young prepabc@uccprepparents.ca
ABC 6-7 Art Liaison Noelle Creed prepabc@uccprepparents.ca
Wellbeing Committee Christina Eaton wellbeing@uccprepparents.ca
Community Service Committee Voula Michaelidis and Stephanie Sykes communityservice@uccprepparents.ca
Green School Coordinator Robin Richardson greenschool@uccprepparents.ca
Library Volunteer Coordinator Zoe Mahony libraryco@uccprepparents.ca
Wellness Committee Christina Eaton nutrition@uccprepparents.ca
Bake Sale Carla Mowbray bakesale@uccprepparents.ca
Special Initiatives
Moms Night Out Karen Bily spinitiatives@uccprepparents.ca
Cookbook Mary Lea Ruscetta and Michelle Berman spinitiatives@uccprepparents.ca
Staff Appreciation Lunch Maggie Lane sal@uccprepparents.ca
Blue Ties Breakfast Zoe Rossolatos bluetiesb@uccprepparents.ca
Used Textbooks Maggie Lane usedbooks@uccprepparents.ca
Used Uniforms Sue Young and Mary Lea Ruscetta useduniform@uccprepparents.ca
Blues Closet/Community Service Voula Michaelidis and Stephanie Sykes spinitiatives@uccprepparents.ca
Syrian Refugee Committee Astrid Player spinitiatives@uccprepparents.ca
Year Reps
SK Rep Tarryn Satin skrep@uccprepparents.ca
Year 1 Rep Maggie Mok year1rep@uccprepparents.ca
Year 2 Rep Alison Thompson year2rep@uccprepparents.ca
Year 3 Rep Sara Cohen-Gelfand and Liza Overs year3rep@uccprepparents.ca
Year 4 Rep Martha Weeman year4rep@uccprepparents.ca
Year 5 Rep Nina Piatek year5rep@uccprepparents.ca
Year 6 Rep Carrie Chen year6rep@uccprepparents.ca
Year 7 Rep Allison Abbott and Stephanie Tamblyn year7rep@uccprepparents.ca