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Activity Clubs

This is a catalog of clubs offered. Please note all clubs listed here are not offered every term. Please see the ASP schedule to identify which clubs are currently being offered this session.

NEW – Drone Club

Students will start with simple maintenance and parts of the drone. They will then advance to various skills that they will build upon to master various techniques in controlling the operation of a drone. Lastly, they will apply these skills in various obstacle courses. Each one designed to increase their accuracy and technique of drone operation. When ready, students will then advance from mini drones to larger, more advanced equipment that can take pictures, shoot video and if time permits – maneuver through racing courses. The main objective of this club is to build a lifelong hobby and a love of drones.

NEW – Comic Book / Manga Club

Students will learn how to create Manga comic arts. We will look at facial proportions, and body proportions, how the ratio is often lengthened, and how facial expressions, and proportions are different to make our own Manga characters. We will deal with creating unique characters to round out good story lines. No background knowledge is required.

Space Club

Come and explore outer space! In Space Club, we will learn about constellations, dark matter, space travel, and the solar system we live in. We will look at the formation and lifespan of objects in space and how scientists study this world beyond our own. Students will build rockets and play fun space related games and activities. To infinity and beyond!


Outwit! Outplay! Outlast! In this fun often-outdoor program we will compete in teams to win challenges and take home the glory! With an emphasis on teamwork, participants will compete in challenges including

endurance, problem solving, dexterity, and of course – icky food! Join us in this program to explore your potential and see if you have what it takes to win Survivor!


Join U Can Do It! Participants will build and create wooden objects, while developing skills and an appreciation for working with tools. For the older boys the program will be driven by what they would like to make. They have complete control over what they make with guidance and assistance offered in how to create their project from the U Can Do It! Program facilitators.


School SCRABBLE® is a popular activity taking place in numerous primary and secondary schools across the country. This educational pastime has its roots in classrooms in the United States, where thousands of students play the game, many of whom continue on to organized tournaments and even the annual US National School SCRABBLE® Championship. Now students, parents and teachers have come together to organize School SCRABBLE® programs in Canada. Through the game of SCRABBLE®, students are able to increase their vocabulary, strengthen word knowledge, and apply math and analytical skills. It is a game that fosters friendships, cooperation, healthy competition and teamwork. Best of all, it is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages, skill sets and backgrounds.

Mad Science – Crazy Chemworks

As real Mad Scientists, students will learn to manipulate laboratory equipment, slide down the colourful pH scale and create a tiny world of atoms. Students will be wowed by polymers, in our popular SLIME class! They will probe the properties of light as well as explore unusual applications of glow-in-the-dark technology! Children will stick it to the walls as they explore super sticky stuff. Topics: Lab Works, Jr. Reactors, PH Phactor, Slime Time, The Glow Show, Super Sticky Stuff, Matter of Fact, Chem in a Flash.


In the Mix is an innovative program that provides a unique opportunity for children to explore what’s new in dance, music and internet technology. This experience is very much about developing mind and body, and gaining confidence and social skills. Students will learn a brief hip-hop dance to share with parents at the last class. They will also work collaboratively in small groups to create one-of-a-kind music videos, using iPads supplied by In the Mix. Students have full creative freedom yet are guided appropriately to help them progress and spice up their videos and dancing in the end taking home that experience with their very own DVD.

Mad Science – World Of Wowology

We’ll examine the world children interact with through fun and hands-on experiments, discovering the scientific principles behind it all! Your young scientist will be wowed by amazing activities and quality projects every week, exploring topics ranging from airplanes to oceans, electricity to illusions, bridges to baking, and so much more!

Drawing/Comic Book Club

Boys are free to create using their imagination. They can use pre-drawn comic book templates, or create their own. Being taught to draw freestyle or by using computer generated characters, the sky is the limit. They create the story lines, and our staff will show them how to bring it to life using various techniques. Using their imaginations and creating it them selves is what it is all about.

Art Attack Club

This club is designed to stretch the imagination and spark the creativity of any child. Participants are invited to learn a different artistic skill each week and will work towards project which can be brought home and shared with the family. Papier-mâché, candle making, paper origami, bracelet making, drawing and painting, creature creation, clay model making and more!

Dinosaur Club

Come explore the awesome world of dinosaurs! In Dinosaur Club, we will learn about dinosaurs through fun activities and games. We will look at how dinosaurs lived, what they ate, how they evolved, how they died, and how fossils are formed. We will participate in a small mock fossil dig to see how paleontologists find and remove fossils from the earth later in the term once the weather permits. Get ready for some prehistoric fun!

Dinosaur and Fossils Club

Using actual fossil materials, hands-on demonstrations and take-home projects, the budding Paleontologists will uncover a world forgotten by time… the realm of the dinosaurs.

Kangoo Club

Kangoo Jumps are the world’s lowest impact shoes! Our after school programs are fun, energetic and versatile! We bring shoes for each child and run a different activity with them each session. This includes sports like dodgeball and basketball, games, relay races and obstacle courses, choreographed routines and jogging challenges. Games performed with Kangoo Jumps enhance the motor abilities of children to improve the skill related to components of fitness: strength, agility, speed, coordination, balance and endurance. Exercise on Kangoo Jumps boots may also assist in the development of intellectual, aesthetic and social skills.

FEE: $210


Embrace your inner Jedi as we travel to realms far and wide, with LEGO®! In this unique LEGO® program, students will explore the Jedi’s world using LEGO®.They will engage in building projects both independently and as teams, learning about important Jedi facts such as outer space, space travel and galaxies far, far away. Do or do not- there is no try- in Jedi LEGO®!

Adventures on Hogwarts

Hop on the Hogwarts express and step inside a world where magic is real! In this fun program we’ll do as Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny do… we’ll discover our wands and learn magic spells, we’ll make chocolate frogs and butterbeer, we’ll follow a Marauder’s Map and we’ll even play Quidditch! Ditch those muggle duds and get ready for your cape… The sorting hat is coming your way!

Mad Science

EXTRAORDINARY LABORATORY: We’ll examine the world children interact with through fun and hands-on experiments, discovering the scientific principles behind it all! Your young scientist will be wowed by amazing activities and quality projects every week, exploring topics ranging from chemistry to magnets, taste buds to sound, lightning to rainbows, and so much more! Weekly Topics: Watts-Up, Magnetic Magic, Optical Illusions, Lights…Colour…Action, Chem-Mystery, Sonic Sound, Tantalizing Taste, and Harnessing Heat


CRAZY CHEMWORKS:  As real Mad Scientists, students will learn to manipulate laboratory equipment, slide down the colourful pH scale and create a tiny world of atoms. Your child will be wowed by polymers, probe the properties of light, explore unusual applications of glow-in-the-dark technology, and take home things that they have made themselves! Weekly Topics May IncludeLab Works, Junior Reactors, pH Phactor, Slime Time, Glow Show, Super Sticky Stuff, Matter of Fact, and Chem in a Flash.