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Arts Clubs

This is a catalog of clubs offered. Please note all clubs listed here are not offered every term. Please see the ASP schedule to identify which clubs are currently being offered this session.

NEW – Improv. Club

Confidence, quick thinking, and learning how to feel comfortable performing in front of an audience. Improvisation is a long-standing Canadian performance tradition that teaches students the fundamentals of spontaneous story-telling and quick wit. Over several weeks, students will learn the building blocks of traditional improv, leading up to an entirely improved final showcase. All levels of experience are welcome. Students can expect to finish this program having gained skills in listening, creativity, performance courage, and teamwork.

Year 3 Musical

The Year 3 musical play rehearsals take place on Mondays from 3:15-4:00. Boys will act, sing and create props for Stone Soup. The musical will be performed at the Primary Concert on May 30, and Grandparent’s Day on May 31.

Imagine Arts Academy

Think it! Draw it! Make it! Take a journey to the farthest reaches of the imagination while learning about the ocean, the rainforest, Mars, and a futuristic city, and more! Use the design thinking process to solve real-world problems in these different environments. Experiment with Crayola products and many art techniques like sculpting, storyboarding, collage, and mixed media. Discover design careers like graphic design, universal design, urban design, and product design.

‘Wild Things’ Art Club

Join the Form 3 and 4 Wild Things Art Club this winter.  We will experiment with a variety of techniques to create art that is inspired by nature, art for the garden, and art to raise awareness about environmental sustainability.  Participants will have the opportunity to display their creations during the Earth Week Eco-Exhibit held in April. Space is limited to 10 participants. Please ensure that your son is able to attend at least 6 of the 7 sessions before signing up.

Drama Club

Boys will learn basic drama and acting techniques. They will explore topics such as improv, clown, and tableau. Throughout the session, students will work towards creating a short play that they will write with the help of Club leaders.

Drawing/Art Club

Express yourself through art! In this club, we will be learning about fine art the best way there is; by creating it. We will explore a variety of different media such as pencil, charcoal, pastel, and marker, as well as concepts such as creating an effective composition using line, colour and space. We will look at lots of different subject matter including people, still life, plants, and animals, and will work outside once the weather warms up. Get ready to have fun and be creative!

Art Attack Club

This club is designed to stretch the imagination and spark the creativity of any child. Participants are invited to learn a different artistic skill each week and will work towards project which can be brought home and shared with the family. Papier-mâché, candle making, paper origami, bracelet making, drawing and painting, creature creation, clay model making and more!

Arts and Crafts

Kids will explore their creativity and work on their motor skills making a variety of arts and crafts for example, decorating T-shirts, water painting, making animals built with plasticine, making model airplanes and holiday crafts.


In Photography club, students will capture and share their life at UCC. From the most minute details, to vast outdoor expanses, participants will be instructed in photographic techniques, camera usage and characteristics, and Photoshop. Students will leave the club with tangible proof of their involvement, with photos that can be framed and cherished as life-long keepsakes from their time at UCC.

Drawing/Comic Book Club

Boys are free to create using their imagination. They can use pre-drawn comic book templates, or create their own. Being taught to draw freestyle or by using computer generated characters, the sky is the limit. They create the story lines, and our staff will show them how to bring it to life using various techniques. Using their imaginations and creating it them selves is what it is all about.