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Educational Clubs

This is a catalog of clubs offered. Please note all clubs listed here are not offered every term. Please see the ASP schedule to identify which clubs are currently being offered this session.

NEW – Financial Literacy – Level II

A deep dive into investing.  What is means, and how to do it.  Major topics include: – What does investing actually mean?  How do I invest? – GIC’s, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate are covered in detail. – Investments through RRSP’s, RESP’s, and TFSA’s are thoroughly examined. – The vocabulary of investing – puts, limits, dividends, ROI, and much more! This program is highlighted by an engrossing real-time investment tournament (using an app).  It is the grand finale of our financial literacy programs and will send the students out with a bang!

NEW – Debating

The CASMA debating program prepares students to use language with increasing fluency and accuracy, as a powerful tool of persuasion. Students will develop oral communication and writing skills required for success in all school subjects. They will improve listening and speaking skills through participation in open discussions, controlled debate and a wide variety of rhetorical activities. Indeed, debating helps students express themselves with confidence, but it also teaches them to think critically, to respond precisely and most importantly, to listen attentively. Every lesson, the students’ toolboxes become increasingly filled with rhetorical devices, knowledge of current events and logical fallacies. If you aren’t a critical thinker when you enter the program, it’s only a matter of time before you become one. The final class of each session (i.e. Fall session) is an ‘Open House’, where students proudly demonstrate what they have learned in front of family and friends.

NEW – Mandarin

We will start with a beginner program for our Mandarin club to get this exciting new language club launched. We look to add multiple levels to this club each term to meet each boy’s needs. The certified, experienced staff from the Toronto Mandarin School look to deliver a curricular program to achieve immediate and lasting results with practical learning methods such as life situations, interactions. And role playing. They will receive constructive feedback and guidance on Mandarin pronunciation from these professional teachers.

 Space Club

Come and explore outer space! In Space Club, we will learn about constellations, dark matter, space travel, and the solar system we live in. We will look at the formation and lifespan of objects in space and how scientists study this world beyond our own. Students will build rockets and play fun space related games and activities. To infinity and beyond!

Robotics – Aerospace “Ultimate Air-Crafting”

Become the ultimate aircraft designer! Students will be introduced to the forces of flight and aerodynamic design through applications in a variety of real flying devices. These include air powered rockets that soar out of sight as well as a Frisbee, kite glider and more! They will then be challenged to design and build a complex aircraft using all the principles they have learned. At the end of the course, students get a wind powered vehicle to take home and continue the experimentation! Come be a flight engineer today!

Robotics & Coding (in Scratch 2.0) – “Robot Games”

Robots can be more than meets the eye, for example a giant board game piece, a video game controller, a smart roll of the dice, and much more. Come enjoy putting your robot into a game situation and play right along with it.

Robotics & Coding – “Dash the Brainiac”

Have a blast when you’re using Dash, the super genius! Learn how to use Dash’s intuitive programming language to create patterns, improve estimation skills, test probability, solve mazes, and create music. Review sequences by creating your own story. Learn to master the use of variables that can count, add and multiply. Shoot hoops in basketball. Learn to create algorithms that give Dash mathematical intelligence. Come multiply your coding skills and have fun with robots along the way!

Robotic Simple Machines – “Mighty Motion”

Bring your robots to life with mechanisms and motion! Make machines come alive with motion! Lift the heaviest weight with the might of pulleys. Walk with your robot pet using levers. Spin the wheels of a race car with gears. Learn about oscillating motion with a robot doodler you can keep. Invent a sweeper to clean the streets. What mechanisms will your creations use? Sign up and start putting your ideas into action today!

Robotics – Aerospace – “Young Inventors”

Build and test different exciting flying devices Mankind’s desire to fly has been an exhilarating ride of faster speeds and breathtaking heights, all the way into outer space! Soar through the history of flight, experimenting and building flying machines like the great inventors. Customize a gravity-defying stunt plane. Build rockets that blast into space. Invent your own whacky flying contraptions. Challenge classmates and soar higher and faster. Come fly with us on this creative, hands-on adventure!

Public Speaking

The program consists of over 30 rhetorical activities, each designed to hone different communication skills. Lessons are delivered via projection; they are fun, colourful, fast-paced and highly stimulating for young minds. With fun at the centre, in this program kids will learn to come up with ideas, express those ideas, listen to others, work together, answer tough questions, tell stories, recount personal anecdotes, memory enhancement, non-verbal communication and a whole lot more!

Year 3 Musical

The Year 3 musical play rehearsals take place on Mondays from 3:15-4:00. Boys will act, sing and create props for Stone Soup. The musical will be performed at the Primary Concert on May 30, and Grandparent’s Day on May 31.

Tournament Chess For All Levels

This is a program for everyone – from beginners learning the names of the pieces to the most advanced, rated tournament players.  Whatever your level, we will make you better! This program is challenging, but challenging is fun! Students are separated into their respective groups based on level.  All participate in tournaments that include not just games, but difficult riddles and problem solving challenges that will see them rise to the occasion to figure out. Every student is challenged to set goals, to solve problems, to take initiative, and to focus.  The tournament setting itself provides a great opportunity to teach good sportsmanship, tenacity, and never giving up. The idea behind this program is excellence.  We challenge all those participating, from the youngest beginners to the most advanced, to be the best that they can be at this, and any other, obstacle they may confront. On top of the great benefits of the game of chess itself, this program also brings great value off the board. Come one come all!

Imagine Arts Academy

Think it! Draw it! Make it! Take a journey to the farthest reaches of the imagination while learning about the ocean, the rainforest, Mars, and a futuristic city, and more! Use the design thinking process to solve real-world problems in these different environments. Experiment with Crayola products and many art techniques like sculpting, storyboarding, collage, and mixed media. Discover design careers like graphic design, universal design, urban design, and product design.


Interested in developing strategies to make an effective argument and think on your feet? Sign up to learn the fundamentals of debating during debating clubs. Teacher-coaches use a variety of engaging activities to teach age-appropriate skill development in debating. This program is offered to boys in Form 3 to 7.

Sprout and Green Team Clubs

Students will spend time in the Learning Garden exploring where food comes from and discovering what is means to live sustainably. Healthy snacks made using ingredients from the garden will be prepared together and enjoyed. Activities will include digging, weeding, harvesting, planting and eco-crafts. The activities of the club support the inquiry-based approach of the Primary Years Program.

Mad Science – Crazy Chemworks

As real Mad Scientists, students will learn to manipulate laboratory equipment, slide down the colourful pH scale and create a tiny world of atoms. Students will be wowed by polymers in our popular SLIME class! They will probe the properties of light as well as explore unusual applications of glow-in-the-dark technology. Children will stick it to the walls as they explore super-sticky stuff. Topics: Lab Works, Jr. Reactors, PH Phactor, Slime Time, The Glow Show, Super Sticky Stuff, Matter of Fact, Chem in a Flash.

Creative Writing

This club will have boys explore different techniques to write poems, plays, short stories and film scripts, etc. Students will also practise editing and proofreading their own work to create a final writing piece of their choice.

Mad Science – World Of Wowology

We’ll examine the world children interact with through fun and hands-on experiments, discovering the scientific principles behind it all. Your young scientist will be wowed by amazing activities and quality projects every week, exploring topics ranging from airplanes to oceans, electricity to illusions, bridges to baking, and so much more.


In Photography club, students will capture and share their life at UCC. From the most minute details, to vast outdoor expanses, participants will be instructed in photographic techniques, camera usage and characteristics and Photoshop. Students will leave the club with tangible proof of their involvement, with photos that can be framed and cherished as lifelong keepsakes from their time at UCC.

“Wild Things” Art Club

Join the Form 3 and 4 Wild Things Art Club this winter. We will experiment with a variety of techniques to create art that is inspired by nature, art for the garden, and art to raise awareness about environmental sustainability. Participants will have the opportunity to display their creations during the Earth Week Eco-Exhibit held in April. Space is limited to 10 participants. Please ensure that your son is able to attend at least six of the seven sessions before signing up.

Dinosaur Club

Come explore the awesome world of dinosaurs! In Dinosaur Club, we will learn about dinosaurs through fun activities and games. We will look at how dinosaurs lived, what they ate, how they evolved, how they died and how fossils are formed. We will participate in a small mock fossil dig to see how paleontologists find and remove fossils from the earth later in the term once the weather permits. Get ready for some prehistoric fun.

Drama Club

Boys will learn basic drama and acting techniques. They will explore topics such as improv, clown and tableau. Throughout the session, students will work towards creating a short play that they will write with the help of club leaders.


Join U Can Do It! Participants will build and create wooden objects, while developing skills and an appreciation for working with tools. For the older boys the program will be driven by what they would like to make. They have complete control over what they make with guidance and assistance offered in how to create their project from the U Can Do It! Program facilitators.


School SCRABBLE® is a popular activity taking place in numerous primary and secondary schools across the country. This educational pastime has its roots in classrooms in the United States, where thousands of students play the game, many of whom continue on to organized tournaments and even the annual U.S. National School SCRABBLE® Championship. Now students, parents and teachers have come together to organize School SCRABBLE® programs in Canada. Through the game of SCRABBLE®, students are able to increase their vocabulary, strengthen word knowledge, and apply math and analytical skills. It is a game that fosters friendships, cooperation, healthy competition and teamwork. Best of all, it is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages, skill sets and backgrounds.


Have you ever dreamed of travelling around the world and tasting all kinds of different foods? This year the Grade SK to Grade 1 cooking club will be exploring foods from around the globe. Come and join the ASP staff and learn how to cook recipes from different countries. After cooking each class, all participants will get to taste and enjoy their foods. Get ready to start filling out your food passports and have the ultimate tastebud experience.

In Grades 4 to 7 boys will learn to make a taste of a variety of foods from different cultures, including sushi, poutine and crepes. They will also be introduced to basic cooking skills and table etiquette. A recipe booklet will be given to each boy to help with cooking at home.

Dinosaur and Fossils Club

Using actual fossil materials, hands-on demonstrations and take-home projects, the budding paleontologists will uncover a world forgotten by time, the realm of the dinosaurs.

Mad Science – Academy of Future Space Explorers

We’ve teamed up with NASA to take children on a voyage of discovery! With unique hands-on activities, amazing demonstrations, and fun experiments, this experience is truly out of this world. In every class children will build a fun and educational take home project to fuel their future explorations!

Junior Money Managers (Level I)

A fun and memorable introduction to money – What is it? Where does it come from? (hint: it doesn’t grow on trees!) We also cover the basics of what it means to be a consumer, and the concepts of savings (why should we save? how do we save?) and debt (including credit cards and credit scores). Finally, yes, we are running one of our popular financial tournaments that will see the kids complaining about taxes and credit more than their parents! It is never too early for your children to learn these materials – this program will surprise you!


Extra Ed has turned learning basic financial literacy upside down – from boring and tedious, to fun and inspiring!  Be warned, however, that this program will also turn your home life upside down – from “Mom, Dad, give me money” to “Mom, Dad, give me money for my RESP!” We have created an empowering financial literacy curriculum that features interactive group activities, easy-to-understand visual presentations, a “net worth” tournament, and highly charged discussions.  Major topics include savings (Why should I save?  How much can I save if I start now?  How do I save?), and debt (What is it?  How does it all work?  Who exactly do I owe money to?).  We also cover what it really costs parents to keep their little darlings fed, clothed, and educated for one year, as well as an outline of life’s big expenses, like education, real estate and retirement. In an era filled with unrelenting consumer advertising, false images of financial success, and easily accessible credit, this course teaches students how to be financial leaders, not financial victims; to be true to who they are when they manage their finances; and to understand how their financial choices impact not only their own lives in the short and long term, but also the world around them. It is never too early to learn these materials, but it can be too late.  Register now!


By popular demand, the exciting continuation of the Level 1 program is here! If you thought the questions your kids were coming home with were awkward the first time around, you’re in for a wild ride now.  Here’s a quick look at what we cover:
– a new profile and net worth competition featuring our “fantasy draft” format – very fun!
– a “How to” guide to registered accounts:  What are the types of investments that one can have in them?  How do they work?
– a “How to” guide to influencing the world the way each child wants through money management and consumer choices.
– a “How to” guide to banking – avoiding fees, negotiating, and making sure they get what they want…or they’ll go somewhere else!
– a close examination of the language and tactics of aggressive marketing – they will never be fooled by anyone! And much, much more
In an era filled with unrelenting consumer advertising, false images of financial success, and easily accessible credit, this course teaches students how to be financial leaders, not financial victims; to be true to who they are when they manage their finances; and to understand how their financial choices impact not only their own lives in the short and long term, but also the world around them.

Advanced Robotics

(Logics Academy) Learn the physics behind how robot sensors gather information from the environment. Create algorithms to make real-time decisions with multiple inputs. A split second decision could mean the difference between winning and losing! Get your game face on and join us in the ultimate match up, robot vs robot!

Mad Science

EXTRAORDINARY LABORATORY: We’ll examine the world children interact with through fun and hands-on experiments, discovering the scientific principles behind it all! Your young scientist will be wowed by amazing activities and quality projects every week, exploring topics ranging from chemistry to magnets, taste buds to sound, lightning to rainbows, and so much more! Weekly Topics: Watts-Up, Magnetic Magic, Optical Illusions, Lights…Colour…Action, Chem-Mystery, Sonic Sound, Tantalizing Taste, and Harnessing Heat.

Mad Science – Imagination Investigation

Students test their forensic skills as they become super sleuths in our Detective Science class. We explore the amazing world of insects, learning how these fascinating creatures live. Each child will construct a propeller-driven race car as they learn about the power of mighty machines. We raise the curtain on the mysteries of movie making and special effects. Students explore the wild world of weather, investigating the power of wind, thunder, lightning and make an ultraviolet light-sensitive keychain.
Weekly Topics: Bugs, Detective Science, Earthworks, Kitchen Chemistry, Science of Toys, Movie Effects, Mad Machines, and Walloping Weather