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Technology Clubs

This is a catalog of clubs offered. Please note all clubs listed here are not offered every term. Please see the ASP schedule to identify which clubs are currently being offered this session.

NEW – Drone Club

Students will start with simple maintenance and parts of the drone. They will then advance to various skills that they will build upon to master various techniques in controlling the operation of a drone. Lastly, they will apply these skills in various obstacle courses. Each one designed to increase their accuracy and technique of drone operation. When ready, students will then advance from mini drones to larger, more advanced equipment that can take pictures, shoot video and if time permits – maneuver through racing courses. The main objective of this club is to build a lifelong hobby and a love of drones.

Robotic Simple Machines – “Mighty Motion”

Bring your robots to life with mechanisms and motion! Make machines come alive with motion! Lift the heaviest weight with the might of pulleys. Walk with your robot pet using levers. Spin the wheels of a race car with gears. Learn about oscillating motion with a robot doodler you can keep. Invent a sweeper to clean the streets. What mechanisms will your creations use? Sign up and start putting your ideas into action today!

Robotics – Aerospace – “Young Inventors”

Build and test different exciting flying devices Mankind’s desire to fly has been an exhilarating ride of faster speeds and breathtaking heights, all the way into outer space! Soar through the history of flight, experimenting and building flying machines like the great inventors. Customize a gravity-defying stunt plane. Build rockets that blast into space. Invent your own whacky flying contraptions. Challenge classmates and soar higher and faster. Come fly with us on this creative, hands-on adventure!

Robotics & Coding – “Dash the Brainiac”

Have a blast when you’re using Dash, the super genius! Learn how to use Dash’s intuitive programming language to create patterns, improve estimation skills, test probability, solve mazes, and create music. Review sequences by creating your own story. Learn to master the use of variables that can count, add and multiply. Shoot hoops in basketball. Learn to create algorithms that give Dash mathematical intelligence. Come multiply your coding skills and have fun with robots along the way!

Robotics & Coding (in Scratch 2.0) – “Robot Games”

Robots can be more than meets the eye, for example a giant board game piece, a video game controller, a smart roll of the dice, and much more. Come enjoy putting your robot into a game situation and play right along with it.

Robotics – Aerospace “Ultimate Air-Crafting”

Become the ultimate aircraft designer! Students will be introduced to the forces of flight and aerodynamic design through applications in a variety of real flying devices. These include air powered rockets that soar out of sight as well as a Frisbee, kite glider and more! They will then be challenged to design and build a complex aircraft using all the principles they have learned. At the end of the course, students get a wind powered vehicle to take home and continue the experimentation! Come be a flight engineer today!

Computer Programming

Hatch Canada helps students discover the magic of building something useful using computer programming. Students can explore programming by building projects in three areas: coding (games and apps), design (animations and visual effects) and sports (tennis, hockey, soccer, etc). They can mix and match or go deep in a single area.

Hatch Canada starts with very simple projects building to an independent, customized project based on what the student wants to build in the last 3 weeks. Whether you have no background in coding or have done a few things on your own or through camps, we’ll start with your current skills and build from there.