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The Macintosh Library (Upper School)

The Macintosh Library is at the heart of the Upper School’s academic program. For teachers, it’s an instructional space where classes are given for research skills and essay preparation. For students, it’s a space for study, research, reading and reflection, and where they receive instruction in the information skills that will enable them to become lifelong learners. It’s centrally located, easily accessible, comfortable, attractive, well-equipped and maintains an extensive collection of materials geared to the curriculum of the school.

The library’s purpose is to meet the academic needs of students and faculty. In order to achieve this, its program is built around three main principles: teaching and instruction in collaboration with faculty; development of the collection to support the curriculum; and service to all segments of the UCC community.

The overall library program is based on the school library curriculum titled “Information Studies: Kindergarten to Year 12,” which was developed by the Ontario School Library Association. More specifically, students learn how to prepare for research, access resources, process information and transfer this information into a final product. Students use the resources not only of the Macintosh Library but also other libraries in the Toronto area to supplement their research, including, in their IB years, university library systems.

The library’s collections of curriculum-based materials include the unique Heintzman Music Library Collection. Print resources are complemented by a wide variety of electronic encyclopedias and full-text databases accessible via the online library on the school network. The online library, which is available on Bluenet, also provides easy access to catalogues of major public and academic libraries in the metropolitan area, as well as to a growing collection of selected and authoritative websites also geared to their research needs.

The Macintosh Library also enhances literacy-skill development by encouraging a love of reading. Comfortable reading spaces are available for students and new books are highlighted regularly. Classroom teachers often schedule book talks in the library, which give the teacher-librarian an opportunity to highlight some of the best and latest books, both fiction and non-fiction, which would appeal to a variety of interests and reading levels. Readers’ advisory resources and databases are available to all to assist with choosing engaging fiction.

Author visits are arranged on several occasions during the school year to promote books of interest to the student body, and to introduce boys and the UCC community to notable writers and their work.