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University Application Resources


How to Choose a University

Choosing universities is a wonderful opportunity to start to focus yourself and, like any decision, can be broken down into five different parts or stages. There’s an enormous amount of expertise and experience available in the university counselling office to help you with the stages in the decision-making process.

University Planning Guides for Students (Year 12, Year 11 and year 10)

These guides explain what students and parents should do, as well as the services provided by the university counselling office.

A Post-Secondary Planning Guide for Year 12 Students
A Post-Secondary Planning Guide for Year 11 Students
A Post-Secondary Planning Guide for Year 10 Students


Where do you want to study?


Studying in Canada
Timeline for Canadian Applicants

The United Kingdom

Studying in the United Kingdom
Timeline for UK Applicants

The United States

Studying in the United States
Timeline for US Applicants
Funding a US post-secondary education

Standardized Tests

Recommendations for taking standardized tests

Useful Websites for Post-Secondary Research

Tips for Navigating a University or College Website
College and university websites vary in their comprehensiveness and ease of navigation.

Some Useful Websites
A list of websites that may be of use to you as you explore the university and college application process in Canada, the United States or abroad.

Gap Year

Value of Gap Year

Harvard College Admissions & Applying: Taking Time Off